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Friday, May 08, 2015

The End of a Good Week

It was a good week all in all.

The activities were varied, the problems resolved, and questions answered.

What will next week bring?

Play Practice
All students will practice together.

PARCC Review and Practice
We'll review the PARCC Practice Math test and students will take the tests.

Thanks to the efforts of so many dedicated educators and family members, our students enjoy reading.

Hands-On Math Exploration
We'll use cubes and tangrams to explore volume and geometry.

Next Year
Positions will be announced and we'll begin planning in earnest for the transition. I have a nice team and I'm looking forward to collaborating with them in this regard.

I'll prep for upcoming sound, energy, planting, and outdoor education activities.

Movie Making
I'll pull together the clips from the kindergarten's terrific Dr. Seuss play into a short video to share with them. It's was the kind of event everyone will want to revisit as there's nothing like the playfulness, good will, smiles, and joy that kindergartners bring to the world :)

Tomorrow a colleague and I as well as a few students are going to SCRATCH Day. Then on Sunday it will be a day to celebrate my mom and all the moms I know.

It's a good end to a good week with lots to look forward to.