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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Know Your Rights

There will be occasions of struggle in life.

That's when it's imperative to know your rights.

First, you have the right to time. Take the time you need to find out what rights you have in any situation. In times of trouble, there may not be people knocking on your door to tell you of your rights. It's possible that the task will be left to you to find out what your rights are. Before acting or speaking, take your time to know your rights.

Next, once you know your rights, establish a team of allies and support people. Make sure that the people you assemble are people you can trust. Sometimes you may think an individual is trustworthy, but that's not the case. So be mindful as you select your team.

After that, and actually throughout the entire situation, document all that happens. Keep an online and offline file of correspondence, news, and articles that document the story.

And even before an event occurs, be mindful of the rules and laws that dictate your work and endeavor. Today, most places of work and interaction, have lists of protocols and rules to follow. It's in your best interest to be mindful of that information. It's important that you understand the rules and protocols well and demonstrate responsibility and fidelity in that regard.

Too often in life, if people aren't mindful of their rights, they may be denied the services, respect, and opportunity available to them. Band together with like-minded colleagues, friends, and family members and seek to understand the rights that support your best effort and need so that you can do your job well, make positive change if needed, and live a good life.