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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Working Inside the Parameters Posed

In every job, there are parameters.

Like fences, they give shape to the work we do.

At times we will want to push out those parameters or reshape those "fences."

We notice that the old shape does not guide the work effectively anymore and we want to test new ways to do our work well.

If we reshape the parameters on our own there's the chance we'll be called out, reprimanded, or unsupported.

What are the best ways to make change?

Similar to changing laws, there are processes to follow and protocols to use to make change. Sometimes those processes and protocols are clear and easy to follow, and other times they are hard to understand, define, or access which makes change more difficult.

As I think about growth and change as well as the year ahead, I have the following thoughts about parameters and change.

First, be aware of the parameters that exist--what's available and how can you use those parameters to your advantage in order to do good work?

Next, where there's room for change investigate and find out about the protocols and processes that exist for new ideas and endeavor. For example, our school system has a generous Foundation that supports new ideas. We also have Professional Learning Communities (PLC) that give us the chance to collaborate around new ideas that matter to students' engagement, empowerment, and education. Those are good places to start.

Be mindful too that you're not the only one with new ideas, and work together to discuss the best ways to share new ideas. Be open to each others' new ideas and perspectives, and make the time to regularly communicate and share your ideas.

Parameters offer us needed structure, but good work as Godin suggests in his post today requires that we think beyond the parameters too. How we do that with respect, good process, apt protocols, and an eye on mission/vision matters.