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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Garage to School: Imagination, Play, and Exploration Toys and Supplies

Today I'm planning to clean out the garage and shed. As I clean, I also plan to collect a number of playground toys, planting materials, and recyclables for the classroom.

Mostly I'll be looking or recyclables that will be useful for students' sound installation projects--small and large objects that make sound.

Planting Materials
Our mystery seed project is about to start, and I know that I have a large number of pots and other materials to support gardening so those will be helpful.

Playground Toys
The boys have outgrown the ride-on toys and we have lots of playground balls and equipment which I'll clean up and bring to school. We also have a number of sand toys that will be good additions to the playground sandbox. That will add to the playground choices now that the nice weather is here.

Picnic Table
We have a large picnic table too that's never worked for our slanted backyard. That will serve students well who like to build, talk, and create during recess.

Building Cart and Ramps
If time permits we'll make small vehicles and test them out on the playground. My children's old building cart and the ramps will contribute to that project.

Recyclables serve school curriculum well, however, there typically isn't that extra time to collect, organize, and store the materials for student use. All year I've been working with many recyclables with regard to the the STEAM Center. The materials served the cardboard challenge, marble maze simple machine, and other projects well.

I'm sure the students will be all smiles tomorrow when they have a chance to explore and play with the recycled toys and supplies. This is one way to move schools forward with more holistic, hands-on imagination, play, and study, and also a god way to keep the momentum going during the last leg of the school year.