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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Visiting Scientist

Changing grades and new standards meant I had a lot of science to plan and prepare for this year. On top of lots of new math standards, the planning/preparation schedule was daunting. That's why my team wrote a grant to a local school organization to fund scientist visits. We wanted the scientists to teach both teachers and students during these visits.

We received funding for three scientist visits and contacted the local Discovery Museum's Visiting Scientist Program to staff the visits.

Yesterday was the first of three visits and it was terrific. Ms. Cooper, the visiting scientist, is a terrific teacher. She brought deep knowledge and science tools, materials, and equipment with her. The students thought it was "awesome."

So if you're trying to meet all those standards and you have a grant source available, I suggest reaching out to local museums and organizations to help you teach all that you have to teach. It's a win-win proposition.