Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What's Next?

Yesterday's misfit day led me to come in early and organize my workspace which is a couple of counter tops with bins of supplies and papers.

It also led me to think about the next steps given the revelation yesterday that test season does not allow teaching as planned.

So what does it allow?

Slow it Down
Test season allows me to slow down the pace and focus on strategy and depth with math talk, conversation, and problem solving. We'll do that.

Test season also gives me a chance to review science content through hands-on exploration, adventure, videos, books, and discussions.

Biography Projects and Reading
It lends itself to students' work on their biography projects--lots of reading, research, writing, creating graphics, and costume design.

The Outdoor Classroom
More time for outside adventure now that we finally have a hint of spring and warmer weather.

Choice Time
The fact that many are saturated from the year's learning means we have to make more time to let the learning deepen and grow with free time choices such as reading, writing, creating, playing games, and more.

Community and Relationships
It's the students' last year at our school. That brings about a range of emotions, so it's very important to spend some extra time on community and relationships at this time of upcoming transition.

Lots of play, healthy snacks, and water.

I'm a fast and talkative coach. It's time to slow it down and listen more.

We'll continue to add to the showcase portfolios in ways that matter.