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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

PARCC Data: Curious

As students take PARCC tests online across the country, I’m curious about the following data points?
  • Did boys and girls perform differently with regard to content, time, and/or specific skill?
  • Where were students strong, and where, in general, did students meet the most challenge?
  • Were there significant regional differences?
  • Did students in my school system perform similarly or differently from each other?
  • In my own class, which students demonstrated proficiency and which students struggled? Do those statistics line up with what I observe and assess in class?
  • How did our scope and sequence line up with performance results? What changes do we need to make?
  • What are the time-on-task:performance ratios?
The online tests are probably creating a lot of data. I hope that data is shared publicly so we can all take a look and assess with regard to the test content, protocols, standards, teaching/learning contexts, and individual students. I’m curious.