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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Do The Right Thing!

No matter what happens in life, we'll do better if we do the right thing.

That doesn't mean we always know what's right. We often err thinking we're doing the right thing, and then in hindsight realize we could have done better. That's where compassion comes in--compassion for ourselves and for others.

With teaching, the right thing means putting children first, and doing the best you can to serve them well. Next in line are students' families and colleagues--serve them well too.

It helps to work together in the complex world of teaching as that helps pave the road to doing the right thing. Greater time for collaboration in schools helps us to achieve that path more often than in the past.

At times, there may be support for not doing what's right. That's when it takes strength to stand up, speak out, and do what's right instead.

This post seems so simplistic and obvious, but it's an important message to take seriously as we do our work to teach children well.