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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Change Happens

If you're a fan of growth and change, it can be discouraging sometimes.

It may be difficult to relay ideas for new study, tools, and process when those who you live and work with are reluctant to move in the direction of change.  However, over time, the change you envisioned, if it has merit, does take place.

Change takes on a life of its own.

Usually change like this starts with a few who see the promise of that change. Then there's disruption as the change makes its way into the main stage of activity. After that early adopters join forces with regard to the change, and then down the road the change that was so disruptive becomes an expected element of your environment.

This has been the case with educational technology. It is finally finding its way to the center of activity in many schools, though I know there are still some who have yet to meet the challenge of ready access and facile infrastructures.

Now that tech is here, how will that change the way you advocate, support, and utilize the equipment?  What will that mean for curriculum planning and development?  What patterns and routines will change? This is something to think about as you move towards the reflective end of this year's teaching/learning and onto next year's curriculum.