Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Heart

How do we create environments that promote a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy heart?

This is my initial list, a list I'll continue to develop over the summer as I think about the learning/teaching community I'll continue to grow and foster.

Healthy Body
  • Exercise and Movement
  • Good furniture and learning spaces
  • Healthy food and snacks
  • Lots of water
  • A clean environment
  • Learning about what your body needs to be healthy
  • Mentoring and Modeling
Healthy Mind
  • Learning to Learn Skills and Behaviors
  • High quality teaching/learning materials, resources, coaching
  • A right balance of standards-based instruction and passion/interest based learning
  • Respect for students' learning/living diversity
  • Modeling and mentoring related to successful learning mindsets and behaviors
Healthy Heart
  • Social competency and emotional intelligence
  • Caring, kind, compassionate communities
  • Peaceful strategies for conflict resolution
  • Engagement and empowerment