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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Blogging: Free Share

When you blog, you share your thoughts, work, research, trials, and successes for free. Anyone, anywhere can use your work as a point of study, reflection, new ideas, critique, or endeavor. Publicly writing a blog, sharing it freely, and reading others blogs has served to forward my work in deep and meaningful ways. My classroom efforts are definitely better due to the reflective, public process of blogging.

Yet, when one blogs, there's a humility involved that's challenging at times. For example sometimes you'll note that a same post is read over and over again, and then you see the labors of that post come alive in real time by others, perhaps even others who at first downplayed the idea or endeavor. But, isn't it true that one reason why you blog in the first place is to bring new ideas, thought, and endeavor to the groups you live and work with?

Also when you freely share your trials and tribulations, it can be challenging in the face of those who rarely to never share their story and work, but instead quietly move forward without acknowledging the learning path, resources, inspiration, and endeavor that's part of their journey. Many however subscribe to the school of thought that says never share a challenge, only successes.

I wonder what others who blog have to say about this free share of ideas, resources, and endeavor? What fuels their continued share and strength when it comes to telling the true story of teaching and learning--a story that others may use at will and as needed?

For me, I'll continue to blog mainly because I like the way open share leads to better teaching/learning/living environments. I like the way transparency builds community and culture by inviting regular share, discourse, debate, and positive endeavor. And, as stated earlier, I also am happy to enjoy the fruits of blogging which are better work and endeavor at school and at home which makes a difference to the learning community I serve and people I love.