Friday, March 27, 2015

Shortlist Goals

A long time ago I studied inclusion practices at Boston University. It was the same time that full inclusion of all students was starting in our school system.

The courses were terrific and helped me to work with my colleagues to institute many practices that still support apt inclusion today.

One important strategy I learned was to shortlist goals. So instead of trying to do it all, you and your team choose 3-5 goals to reach.

I am thinking about this today as I am about to attend a team meeting related to students' needs and goals. As I think about this meeting of many, each with a different perspective and school role, I'm wondering first what our shortlist of goals will be. What do we deem most important for the children we want to serve well?

I am also thinking about the overall goal of the meeting? What is it that we want to achieve? Which of these school topics will take precedence:
  • learning
  • obedience
  • mindset
  • learning-to-learn routines and actions
  • areas of competence
  • coordination of services
  • home-school communication and support
  • just right academic goals and support
  • specific content/concept areas
As I think about our students, I'm wondering about the need to establish the following constructs:
  • point person for communication and collaboration--a team leader.
  • small homeroom with team leader each day to support a healthy, prepared start to each day.
  • homework club to coach home study completion.
  • fewer overall teachers/classes with greater depth and targeted learning design.
Today our goal will be to create a strategic plan for better service to children. I'm looking forward to the conversation and resulting action.