Thursday, March 26, 2015

Marble Maze Project Closure

Tomorrow represents our last official marble maze project day. I'll leave the projects up for another week for recess play and work. Then next Thursday we'll move the projects from the room to make room for new learning experiences.

As my blog demonstrates the project had many highs and lows--it was a challenging project to facilitate, coach, and complete, but it was also a terrific learning opportunity for the students and a learning experience that most students enjoyed. It's definitely a keeper, a project I'll improve for greater effect.

Next Thursday students will have the chance to reflect on the project. The reflections will include descriptions of their project work, collaboration, successes, and challenges. The reflection will also include a summary of the learning and ideas related to how the project could be better for future classes.

In the meantime, I'll invite interested parents to drop in to look at the projects at designated times if they're interested. We'll also share the projects with our kindergarten buddies.

True project/problem base learning is not easy teaching, but it can be rewarding and motivating for our young learners. Also it's the kind of learning that replicates the skills, mindset, concept, and knowledge students will need and use in their future.

My post-college son commented about the fact that it was good to get all students, particularly girls, involved in STEAM early. Then I read this Casap article that supports this work as well.