Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday End-of-March Reflections

To me, the longest teaching month of the year, March, is almost over. We made it! The month was extra challenging given new tests and curriculum areas to manage. Thanks to lots of great support, those areas are taking shape. We've also started having a few warm days which make outdoor play a lot more inviting and easy-to-access--that helps.

Due to the new testing regime, the daily schedule keeps changing, so flexibility is key. My colleagues' mantra has been, "We just have to go with it," as we check in with each other daily to make sure we're on track with each day's schedule.

Going forward the students will continue to test, study math, engage in science explorations, watch related videos, read books, and write stories and reports. I've got to make time for team meetings too because with all these changes, you need the meetings to keep everyone on the same page.

Through the best teaching moments and those moments that could be better, I keep saying to students, "I'm here for you and the teaching team will do anything we can for you to make this a successful year, so please ask questions, give it your best, and help us teach you well by sharing your ideas and telling us what you need."

I also don't want to forget the joy possible and so important. Today I'll do that as I step back and take lots of photos and videos of their learning in action. Later students can incorporate those videos and photos into their learning reflections.