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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Quality Work and Reflection

At the end of each unit of study, students should have the time to reflect, create, and share an illustration of the learning experience. The illustration could be a photo, drawing, writing piece, sculpture, film, comic strip or any display of their learning that is meaningful and valuable to the student.

Quality work and share like this serves to build students' investment in learning and metacognitive skills with regard to their learning journey and personal interests, needs, goals, and vision.

Too often we spend time on learning items that don't matter rather than building in enough time to create and complete quality work that does matter.

In thinking about this with regard to units we're working on now, students will create the following quality reflection and share:

Marble Maze Machines: photos and written reflections that will be placed in their portfolios.

Fractions: posters and an end unit creative project that can be shared with younger children as well as placed in their online or offline portfolios.

Science films and study: a collection of wonderfully illustrated and labeled diagrams that include written descriptions and reflections.

Math Review: Site bites and sound bites that helps a child review, share, and deepen concept memory and understanding.

Portfolio Days: Time set aside to update the portfolios and add to the reflections in those special books. Also, time for the creation of online portfolios as well.