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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Forward Steps:The Week Ahead

Teaching well is an art of continually coaching yourself forward with a focus on the standards/curriculum and eyes and ears attuned to students' needs.

At the end of every week, it's important to evaluate the week you've completed and set the course for the next events.

That prep then gives you the time to enjoy family, friends, and interests.

The week ahead includes these priorities:

Students will learn to log in and have a chance to practice taking the tests with friends and teachers. Unlike the real test, this time we'll be able to talk about the questions, share ideas, and work together. That should help students relax when the office testing occurs.

Fraction Study
We'll continue our fraction study by working on posters and deepening understanding with a number of activities.

Marble Maze Machines
Students will continue to build their machines, and together we'll coach each other on with research, trial-and-error, and shared ideas.

Science Film Fest
We'll begin watching a number of science films to review and learn content.

Teaching and Learning Conference
I'll attend the Teaching and Learning Conference. I'm looking forward to learning a lot about math education as well as new trends and tools related to teaching well.