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Friday, March 06, 2015

A Good Day

Today was a good day. Why?

First, our teaching team dealt with a somewhat challenging issue with efficiency, collaboration, and a good resolve.

Next, my partner teacher and I discussed this week's family conferences and talked about the ways that we'll refine the schedule and teaching to meet families' and students' needs.

After that students practiced playing with PARCC online tools then explored simple machine games and amazing marble machine videos. They were very excited.

Then students prepped a music video they're hoping to produce and show to the whole school to inspire lots of reading. A couple of teachers joined us and everyone had a lot of fun.

After that students had buddies. It was a free choice buddy time where fifth graders and kindergartners worked together happily on a large range of activities.

Finally we watched a bit of our current class film, Jump In. It's a film with positive messages that elicits high interest--a nice way to end the day and week.

Not every day is a "good day," but taking a close look at those "good days" helps us to plan for more.