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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Conference Time Preparation

In a few weeks, my partner teacher and I will meet with families and students to discuss students' academic accomplishments, needs, and interests.

Students will prepare reflective showcase portfolios to prepare for the event.

As one who believes in the servant leadership model of teaching and learning, I will avail myself during these conferences to family and student questions and concerns.

We'll start the conferences by sharing the good news of a child's gifts, talents, contribution, and accomplishment. Specifically we'll start by giving parents, guardians, colleagues, and students a chance to share their high points and questions.

Next we'll comment about student's academic performance in the following areas:
  • writing
  • reading
  • math
  • leadership and contribution
  • creativity and imagination
Then, we'll look ahead and discuss the following academic goals/plans related to the following planned areas of study:
    • learning-to-learn behaviors and mindsets
    • biography project
    • math problem solving, test prep, and practice
    • science investigation, research, and writing
    • the school play
    • fifth grade special events
    • middle school transition
The parent-student conference is a good time to meet face-to-face with family members and students to reflect, discuss, and plan for a child's successful learning program and success.