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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coaching Each Other Forward?

Are there areas of work and service to children that you would like to empower?

Who coaches you forward in these areas?

Are there areas of specific expertise, service, and care in your organization? Do the experts in those areas regularly coach you forward with new information, offers of support, resources, and new ideas?

Who champions your organization's goals and vision? How do they keep the goals/vision alive and coach the organization forward in this regard?

What is the best regularity of coaching, reflection, communication, and share? What are the best vehicles for this work?

Today as I attend a workshop related to doing better work for all children, I'll be thinking about the questions above.

I also think about what I can do in my role; what can I do to coach my students and the families I serve better.

How can I make the teaching goals/vision visible for students and families?

In what ways can I provide and coach the needed resources, information, attitude, and actions to help each child succeed?

What can the experts and leaders in my organization do to help my colleagues and me do our best work in timely, targeted ways?

Taking the time to reflect on the systems in place for coaching each other forward will help us to revise and grow those systems for more effective work.

I know that today's presentation will help me and others in this regard.