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Thursday, February 19, 2015


In thinking about a person I know that struggles, I'm wishing that individual would have the confidence to ask more often--the confidence to ask for advice, support, and new ideas.

I wonder if some fear asking because they fear being thought of as ignorant, unknowing, foolish, or even crazy.

Yet, the worst that can happen is that your questions are unanswered.

The next worst result is that your questions are answered in ways that create disharmony, contempt, or disregard. A lost relationship can occur by the simple act of asking a question, and if that happens, you might ask, "Is the relationship worth it in the first place?"

Another negative result of asking questions is that the answer is bogus or bad leading you to roads that are unsuccessful and damaging.

With the negative results of questions asked in mind, it's still important to realize that more positive results are possible, results like the following:
  • new connections
  • better resources
  • opportunity
  • richer, more fulfilling life
  • happiness
  • less struggle and pain
  • cures, health, peace
With this in mind, I encourage you to ask when in need. Ask with respect and care, but ask. So often, underserved individuals without power are reluctant to use their voice to ask for what they need. It's best to move beyond that, and seek the answers you need to forward your life and work.