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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Building Community: Trust

Over my time as an educator I have lost and gained trust.

Trust lies at the core of strong communities.

Events that led to trust lost mainly included the following:
  • lack of communication
  • lack of transparency (secrets, surprises)
  • undue or unclear process
  • no response or follow through
I have gained trust in these ways:
  • ideas considered
  • camaraderie, support, honesty
  • invitations to share 
  • shared stories
  • "curious questions"
  • thoughtful response
Over the years, I have written a lot. I have questioned many processes, actions, and decisions. I have analyzed educational paths and possibility. I have defined, revised, and directed my own work.

My words at times were strong and emotional, seeking and wondering, problem solving and visualizing events, actions, and opportunity.

All that writing helped me to see with greater clarity, work with better understanding, and collaborate with care. That writing helped me to have confidence with regard to my opinion, vision, ideas, and efforts. None of us have all the answers, but all of us, in America, have the right to free speech and our opinion--we also have a responsibility to use our words in ways that are positive and proactive. 

As an educator I will use my experience with voice to support my students' ability to use their voices and actions with care and focus. I will help the children to gain the foundation knowledge, skill, and concept as well well as the ability to communicate, create, collaborate, and critically think/act in ways that matter.

We build trust with transparency, care, and focused effort towards those we serve, work with, and love. By building that trust, we build strong communities. This is important work in our lives, important work in organizations and groups big and small.