Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 Summer Reading List

As I move deeply into some challenging goals for the spring season, I want to make a list of articles to study during the quieter days of summer. I typically make this list each year at this time. I'll keep this list as I don't want to be distracted from the current, important goals by terrific new research, yet I want to employ that research in plans for next year's teaching.

And so the summer reading list for 2015 begins:

Current book list.
Choice Words

Education Trends
Redesign School Cafeterias
Design Think: Evolving Schools
Animation Apps
Leadership List
Technology Related to Worthy Learning  and Leading
Powerful Snapshot of What Schools Should Be by Tony Sinais
Culturally Relevant Classroom
Reconsider These Points for Next Year's Class Choreography
Deeper Learning
Maker Space
Working Well
Ideas to Incorporate into Curriculum
Thought provoking article about brain-based learning.
Teach Skills
Are We Teaching the Right Skills?
Let Students Fidget
Math Learning 
Talking Points in Math
Imagery: Key to Understanding Math
Equity in Education

Tools to Explore