Saturday, December 20, 2014

We Make Mistakes

We make mistakes.

Most often our mistakes are not purposeful, but representative of old think, misunderstanding, not enough care, a misguided goal, or a too-quick response.

Sometimes it takes a while to recognize a mistake, and when we do there's a sense of righteousness that arises first--"Not me!"  Yet with reflection, the mistake typically becomes clear and then remorse occurs.

We carry that remorse until we're ready to amend our error, own our mistake, and move forward with new understanding and learning.

The key here is to stay clear of the big errors, the ones for which there is little possibility of return--mistakes such as unsafe behavior, hurtful acts towards others, and broken laws.

As far as those more common human errors. They are truly the stepping stones to learning. The more we risk, try, and reach out, the more errors we will experience, and the more we experience those errors, the more resilient we'll become making us better able to navigate the road ahead.

As we reach forward, we need to be compassionate and supportive of one another since we all will misstep at one time or another. That's part of the path of living.