Saturday, December 20, 2014

We Rely on Good Leaders

When events occur that are out of our reach we rely on good leaders.

We rely on leaders with good values, courage, a willingness to collaborate, and care for others.

Often leaders are ridiculed, yet we look to these same leaders to make the tough decisions, to lead the way.

As educators, it's critical that we give our young students the chance to try out leadership in ways big and small.

Only when students have the chance to lead will they develop empathy and understanding for the leaders in their midst. When students lead they also understand the responsibility they have to support and choose good leaders.

It seems like this is a new age for leadership as our understanding with what it means to lead continues to evolve.

Leaders can reach out to those they lead for ideas, support, and help. Also those who are led can support leaders by contributing best efforts and speaking up when it matters.

The role of leader is a role that carries important responsibility, and it is in our best interests to choose and support those around us who are willing to step up to this important role.