Saturday, December 20, 2014

Learning Forward: Book List

This morning's #satchat resulted in a lot of homework in order to move my teaching and learning ahead.

The chat led me to three areas of focus and the books listed below. If you have other titles to add, let me know.

The first order of study is the topic of communication. Communication is a critical skill for teaching and learning well. I've identified the following books to read and study:

The next area of focus is community building.  How do we model and teach students the skills in this regard. I plan to read DCulberhouse's blog and the books listed below:

Finally, I know that students profit from understanding their brains well. The more they understand how their brains work and the "power of mind" they have to positively affect their lives, the better off they'll be. In that regard, I want to give a deeper read to two books I've read quickly:

There's much to know about teaching and learning today. Chats like #satchat, #edchat and others can lead us in the direction of the best books, thought leaders, conferences, courses, and other experiences that help us to build our craft and service to children. I look forward to the study ahead--the challenge will be finding the time and place to complete this work. 

Blogs to Read