Monday, December 22, 2014

2015: Teaching in the New Year

I find myself returning to this list to keep efforts focused and timely.

Teaching/Learning Road Map: January - June 2015

Refine the weekly teaching/learning routine with teaching partner. 

Creating the Service Learning Board with Students
  • Take new pictures on Monday, and update board on Fridays.
I started this road map earlier by mapping out my primary work, the math curriculum for the start of the year. Then continue standard-by-standard in blended, differentiated ways.

  • Prep Science and execute TedTalk/Science Teaching Project with key science questions that relate to all grade-level standards. 
  • Prep hands-on science investigations related to science standards. Access supplies and specialists through WPSF grant process and PTO funds. 
  • Continue to focus on new/existing science standards, knowledge building, and hands-on STEAM exploration. 
Read Aloud
Classroom Organization
  • Look for ways to integrate new student jobs for making the classroom as student-friendly as possible. 
  • Continue to organize, update STEAM Center (work in progress)
Special Events
We also have a number of special presentations and events to plan including the following:

  • NStar free Wattsville Energy Presentation (follow-up with scheduling)
  • Discovery Museum Science Visits: Funded by WPSF Grant
  • Author Visit
  • K'Nex Simple Machines Building Days: Funded by WPSF Grant
  • Science Ted Talk Research/Teaching Presentations
  • Spring Family Conference Dates--starting in March
  • Writing in Science 
  • Biography project prep. 
  • Hands-On Science Exploration
  • Marble Maze STEAM Project Dates
  • Biography Project introduction activities in preparation for the June Event.
  • Spring Rivers Day field study.
  • Fifth Grade Play
  • Field Day
Professional Learning
There are books to read and conferences to attend.
  • Continue regular routine of morning research, reading, blogging and weekly #edchat, #satchat, PLC work, teamwork, newsletter and more.
  • Continued participation in child study and school council committees. 
  • MLK Weekend: A focus on Communication w/book list. 
  • Educon 2.7: Focus on Developing Craft, Honing Vision, Direction
  • February Break: Focus on Classroom Community and Mindfulness
  • March Teaching and Learning Conference: Focus on the Future of Education
  • April NCTM Conference: Math Teaching/Program Development
  • Spring/Summer: Focused study on brain-friendly learning
  • Wayland ELA Institute: Learning Design presentation, lots of learning.
  • Wayland STEAM Institute:Global Cardboard Challenge/Math Coding Potential Presentations. 
  • Teach all standards
  • Make time for keyboarding practice
  • Follow system-wide protocols, preparation efforts. 
Educator Evaluation
  • Update evidence list regularly with notes and copies of evidence. 
  • Respond to administrator efforts, requests as needed. 
  • Continue to work on primary goal: teaching all math standards. 
2015-2016 School Year
There will be some staffing changes in the year ahead so I will have to wait until that information is known before planning for that school year.