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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Summer Study 2015: Blog Reorganization

My blog has become too big and too varied for quick reference or use.

Hence, next summer I'll make the reorganization a focus.

I like to plan a summer project in advance of the year. Yet planning this early usually results in lots of change to the original plan.

For example, I don't know if I'll be in the same position next year since there will be some changes at my school. I may be moved to another grade which will mean lots and lots of prep work once again this summer or I may stay in my current position (my first choice at the moment) which will mean reorganizing and refining this year's efforts.

With that said though, having the idea of summer study early helps me to set the stage in the following ways:
  • I'll begin to tag my posts more often with main areas such as math, multi-age learning (buddies), tech integration and more. I need to think about the categories.
  • I'll begin to think about where these posts are going. Do I want to create a website or online book(s)? 
  • I'd like to challenge myself to take some of the posts to a next step in some capacity such as adding greater research, combining posts, and publishing the posts in a journal. 
As I think about these next steps, I'm inspired in part by a workshop I hope to attend, a workshop where an educator will share research she took from a classroom idea to greater share and study

If you have ideas about these study plans and ideas, please let me know. I'll also bring this thinking to Educon 2.7 where I'm sure to be able to grow them.