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Monday, December 15, 2014

This Week's Theme: Take Care of Yourself

Industries like teaching present endless possibilities for service to others. In these service industries we could work around the clock, but if we exhaust ourselves we do no one any good.

This is a good week to focus on taking care of yourself as you slow-it-down in the classroom to complement the busy outside-of-school holiday atmosphere.

As educators, what does it mean to take care of ourselves?

First, take time during  the day to relax a bit. To teach well doesn't mean we have to be busy every minute.

Next, get enough sleep. Many of us steal time from our sleep schedules throughout the year to catch up with school work, but this week, prior to the festive holidays it's good to catch up and sleep a little more.

After that, slow the classroom momentum down so you have time to listen to students' stories, watch interactions, and respond with care. Students need that extra time during the holidays.

Spend some extra time with those you love, and take the time to participate in events that bring you joy and peace.

There are weeks in the year where we push ourselves with strength to get the momentum going, but this is a good week to slow-it-down, be mindful, and relax as we prepare for the holiday vacation.