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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fifth Grade Math: Fractions, Decimals, Percents Chart

After the holiday, students will embark on the fractions unit.

I plan to tie this unit closely to Google table, docs, and sites as we learn and write about fractions.

While the standards mostly focus on fractions, we'll start the unit by making a bridge between the decimal and measurement units we've already studied, past knowledge of fractions, and initial understanding of what a fraction is and the language related to fractions.

After that we'll make lots of fraction models with paper, Google table, and other tools.

One exercise students will complete is the completion of a fraction, decimal, and percent chart.

I'll share the template with students on Google docs. Students will then make a copy of the template in their own Google Drive. After that we'll complete a few rows of the chart together. Then I'll re-introduce the online calculator, Google's equation tools, and the table tool. Following the introduction, students will complete the chart and answer the questions on the template with a partner.

I have used Google table a lot in the past when it comes to math learning. I find that this tool helps students stay organized with their work. It also provides a good reference to easily share, look back at, and find.

Later students will create a Google website to host all their fraction work. Essentially they'll write their own fraction book throughout the unit. The website will make it easy to share their work with classmates and family members. It will also provide them with a good tool for later study and reference.