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Friday, December 12, 2014

This Week's Highlights

It was a week of many highlights, just the kind of week I like.

First, a student who struggled at the start of the week had a breakthrough at the end of the week. I tried a number of strategies to move the child forward then with a bit of serendipity, the willingness of a special educator, parental support, and the child's open mind, we were able to move forward. He was delighted and so were we.

Another highlight was the school concert. It was amazing to see a gym full of young musicians playing a myriad of seasonal and classic songs to an eager audience of classmates, younger students, teachers, and family members. Our skilled instrumental teachers are to be thanked for such a wonderful performance.

A dad also added a highlight this week as he shared his knowledge and talent related to Indian music. He graciously shared his musical collection with students allowing them to try out the beautiful instruments.

Students worked tirelessly to develop their skill and proficiency with math computation--I was very proud of their efforts and growth.

Buddy time proved to be heartwarming as usual. Buddies worked together to write stories, make cards, read stories, and code stories too.

Our Hoki stools were delivered thanks to a colleague's grant to equip the whole school with those ergonomic chairs. The Hoki boxes stand waiting for an upcoming creative project.

Next week will bring more math computation study, a coding presentation by student's dad, and a continued "slow-it-down" focus to complement the busy holiday season that surrounds us.

Now it's time to move from school to time with family and friends. Happy Weekend!
These boxes will turn into a creative project in
the near future.