Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Learning Takes Shape: The Path Continues

It's easy to lose focus without reflection and attention to the path's natural curves and angles.

Students are gaining confidence with fifth grade routines, expectations, and topics.

Though it's still early in the year, so review is essential.

The next few weeks will bring us to the following places:

  • Check online home study list each night.
  • Read newsletter each week.
  • Organize materials, and pass in homework when due.
Ecosystems: Life Science Unit
  • vocabulary review: crossword puzzles
  • collaboration lesson
  • outdoor exploration
  • outdoor data collection w/chart and iPads for pics
  • life science information review w/website, student-made crossword puzzles
  • ecosystem cycle reviews: food web, water, metamorphosis, season
  • fossil study
  • Gizmos: interactive models
  • writing in science review
  • written assessments, Science 
  • ePortfolios
  • coordinate grids
  • numerical expression unit review and assessment
  • place value, operations review
  • embed Next Generation performance items into place value unit 
  • problem solving, SMPs
Read Aloud: Wonder
  • Many Voices
  • Auggie's Personal Story, Connections
  • Math, Science, ELA Models and Projects
  • Leadership and Teaching Study and Practice for Fifth Graders 
Service Learning
  • Halloween Box for the Troops
Professional Learning
  • Mathematical Thinking (starts 9/27)
  • MassCUE Attendance and Presentation
  • Educon 2.7 Attendance, Learning
  • NCTM?
  • ISTE 2015?
  • Wayland Institutes