Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ecosystem: Outdoor Exploration

Next week, we'll take our first trip outdoors to our designated "ecosystem space." The space is about 10 yards by 10 yards in a wooded area.

Before visiting the location, we'll split up into the following groups:
  • Vegetation 
  • Animals (bigger than insects)
  • Insects
  • Water (there's a small brook)
  • Rocks, Fossils, and other Nonliving Objects
  • Climate, Weather, and Sky
The job on this first visit includes the following:
  1. Quietly explore.
  2. Take notes about the items you see--list types, numbers, and other observations.
  3. List questions.
That night each team will be asked to list their observations, questions, and other notes on a shared ecosystem Google doc chart.