Saturday, August 30, 2014

Website for Team Planning

This is a glimpse of the website introductory page. It shows the topics included.

Cognizant that I was sending collaborating teachers a number of Google docs, I decided to create a website to host all important class information including the following:
  • Student Names List, Data Spreadsheet, Service Delivery, Home Study Assignments
  • Weekly Plans, Tasks
  • Calendar, Inservice Schedule
I made the website private so that only the collaborating educators, a team of about six educators and the building principal, could access the site. 

In a sense, this Google website is a shared file cabinet of information. We'll also share a rolling cart of student work and data folders that doesn't need to be catalogued, and that can be easily reached for a parent conference, decision making, or program design. 

A websites is a great tool for information share since it's easy to organize the information in accessible ways, access with ease at multiple locations, and update regularly.  I recommend.