Saturday, August 30, 2014

How Will You Balance the Work Week?

My summer visit to the Walker Art Center
inspired me. As part of my efforts towards
balance, I hope to visit more art museums. 
Some educators naturally balance work, family, friends, and recreation. They bring that natural ability to give every aspect of their life an even share.  Then there are others, perhaps the dreamers, who have trouble with balance since we think big about every aspect of our lives and sometimes we think that we can do it all, when in truth, no one can do it all.

The best I can offer in this regard is yet another attempt to find more balance by setting a weekly routine that includes the following:
  • Reading, writing, and reflection
  • Teaching, collaboration, and student feedback 
  • Healthy activity
  • Family and home
  • Fun
Also, getting away from the usual routine at least once a weekend is a good idea too.  A time to do something that you enjoy and is outside of your weekly routine serves to inspire, relax your mind, and bring the joy into life.

I work in a system that values balance. Leaders typically do not email or call on weekends or late at night. They support educators' needs to support their families and have a personal life. This is a positive approach, one that I want to follow in my own life and work.