Friday, August 29, 2014

Consultation Fees?

I've enjoyed my role as a consult to tech companies, start-ups and others over the past few years. I love to try out new tools and believe I have a good eye and mind for what works well when it comes to teaching students.

I also enjoy the work I do for my students designing, delivering, and co-creating learning experiences to move children forward with content, process, and confidence, That is the center of my work.

In the past few years I have stretched myself very thin trying to do both. I've learned a lot, and feel that the efforts have deepened, broadened, and strengthened my ability to teach and learn well.

So now, I've decided to consult only for a fee and not for free--Most likely, similar to most educators, I just don't have the resources to work for no compensation.  I'll continue to freely share via my blog, with chats, and at conferences as the dynamic share of PLN members is making education stronger and more student centered, and that's a good thing.

But as far as outside companies and private enterprises, it's time to share the wealth with educators too--we need to make a living like you.