Sunday, June 01, 2014

TEAM Research #17: Service Learning Sale

Students created a marketplace to sell their wares, and raise money for endangered species' reserves.
Our TEAM Research project continues with this week's school assembly presentation and service
learning sales. Our school's principal, Mr. Lee, has fostered a tremendous service learning project approach in our school.  Service learning has transformed students in many ways.  In the old days you'd often see groups of children waiting for the principal for discipline, but now, at our school, most groups of students are waiting to see the principal to discuss, plan, and initiate a new service learning activity.  It's been an engaging, empowering effort in so many ways.

Some students will sell handmade clay figures. 
In March, a few students in my class hit a roadblock when it came to their service learning plans, and that's when we decided to move past the obstacle and include the whole class in the service learning project by matching it with our endangered species research.  Therefore, as part of the research project, research teams have been collecting and creating sale items and signage for this week's lunchtime sale.  Each group will set up a sale area, and sell their trinkets to raise money for the animal reservation they studied.

On Wednesday morning, students will finalize their signage, collection boxes, and sales techniques.  Then we'll head down to create the sale stations, and sell the goods at our class's homemade marketplace.  Once the sales are complete and the money collected, students will write letters and send the money to the reservations as one way to help protect endangered species (and practice math, reading, and writing skills :).  I'll be sure to take some pictures of this event as I imagine it will be a colorful, action-packed endeavor.

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