Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TEAM Research #9: Messiness

"Learning and teaching is messy stuff. It doesn't fit into bubbles. I don't think a simple pencil-and-paper test is going to capture what students know and can do." 
-Michele Forman, Teacher of the Year 2001

We're at a messy spot with regard to TEAM research as teams are all at different places with their work.  This is where the teacher as coach is very important.  Yesterday, by the end of the day, it was clear we needed a meeting to set some new parameters with regard to our displays, collaboration, and research efforts

Hence, we'll spend some time after lunch meeting to discuss students' needs and expectations. We'll think about transitions and details such as where to stack your chairs at the end of the day with our new configuration, how to design our spaces including a peek at our neighboring class's wonderful displays, and the kinds of behaviors that support each other's work rather than take away from it.

I want to take some pictures today too so I can chart the class's efforts. The TEAM Research journey continues.

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