Friday, May 09, 2014

TEAM Guided Research: Where is the animal preserve, and what is it like? #2

Yesterday students created their design and create studios. Today we have a big chunk of time with the computers, so we'll start the research in earnest.

We'll start this process with a project meeting.  The project meeting will be led by the following
  • Are there any questions about your project spaces?
  • Now, let's focus on research--what questions do you have?
  • First, begin with finding out all the required information about the animal preserve--all the information categories are listed on your Google presentation template (see above).
  • Who has started this, and what have you found helpful?
  • When searching for reservation information, the more specific your questions are, the better the information will be.  For example questions like this will help you to find the information:
    1. Where is the _________________ located?
    2. What kinds of jobs are there at _______________?
    3. What animals does the _____________protect and save?
    4. Where do volunteers and workers live at __________________?
    5. What is the best time of year to visit _______________________?
    6. Does ______________have a Skype address?
    7. What do the reviews of ______________________ say?
    8. Does the ________________ have a data report which shows the facts and figures of their work?
    9. Remember you can use the "translate" tool if information is in another language--it's often not exact, but it's usually close enough to get a good idea of what the information is about.
Then students will have time to research about their chosen animal reserves, and type the information in their own words.  They will also have the chance to add images to their projects--we'll talk about free-to-use images, and also the fact that it is probably okay to use images from the site in correct ways as we're going to complete service learning projects that raise some money for the preserves.  When we Skype or Hangout with the preserve, we'll ask directly about permission to use the pictures.

I will create a coach list on the easel, and student groups can sign up if they want to meet with me for specific help.  I'll also invite teams up to meet with to help with collaboration and focus.

I'll review student work over the weekend, and make a decision about our next project step scheduled for Monday, May 12.

Students were very excited yesterday about the project.  They wanted to jump right into all the fun parts, yet today I'll focus on the fact that it's important to organize our time so that we spend some time on the more difficult research and writing aspects of the project, and then some time on the fun, creative aspects of the project as our projects will only be as good as the research and writing that creates the foundation for the creative work.


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