Friday, May 09, 2014

TEAM Research: Substance #3

This is one reservation students are studying.  They used
translate tools to find out that La Tortuga Feliz means
"The Happy Turtle."
A child had tears.  Finding the right information was difficult.  "I'll help you," I answered, "this is challenging.  Take some time to think it over, and then let's talk the next school day about how I can help you."

Like many bright students in the early years, the learning has come easy to this child, and now this child faced a challenge.  I assessed the situation recognizing that this was not a bad challenge, in fact it was okay for this learner to struggle a bit as long as I helped her out and led her through the rough patch of really good research and project work.

Today's first day of research posed many teaching points. Teaching points we'll follow up with on Monday including the following:
1. More targeted reservation research using the template as a guide.
2. Adding reservation maps and images.
3. Editing reservation information with each team.

On Tuesday, we'll follow up by watching reservation videos that I have located, and writing introductions based on our video viewing.

Then on Wednesday, we'll put the final touches on the reservation work and leave some time to start the "virtual reality" section of the project which includes transforming the learning space into a space similar to the rainforest cafe or a cafe that looks like the habitat your reservation is in.

After that on Thursday we should be ready to start the animal research--the part the children are looking forward to most.

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