Friday, July 19, 2013

TeachFocus: Meeting MA Educator Evaluation Standards

The Massachusetts Education Rubric (short form)

TeachFocus is a website created to help all Massachusetts' educators understand the expectations with regard to the new Massachusetts Educator Evaluation rubric. A more concise and similar summer reflections website has been created to guide educators' preparation and planning both in and outside of Massachusetts.

Interested teachers may use these websites over the summer months in the following ways:
  • Reflect upon and study the expected standards.
  • Draft professional learning and teaching goals.
  • List specific questions for their system leaders.
Massachusetts has clearly defined what it means to teach well, however details with regard to protocols and expectations will differ somewhat from system to system and school to school. That's why it is essential for school systems' leadership to do their part by creating explicit protocols, explanations, and systems to support paths to excellence for every educator.

I also advocate that every educator embrace the new system in the following ways:
  • Organize your professional files online and offline.
  • Create a professional learning map by visualizing your professional growth and needs for the next year, next five years, and even the next ten years.
  • Organize your primary professional materials on an ePortfolio that is readily accessible to leaders, grant organizations, and future employers.
  • Know what you don't know, and determine ways to find that information.
The new evaluation system in Massachusetts pushes education forward with regard to professional status and expectations. I believe this is a positive direction, but one that demands substantial support in order to succeed.  

I welcome your questions, comments, and ideas as I take some time away from the process.  I'm sure there's a few errors left to repair and notes that could be expanded, however I hope this work is helpful to you as we work individually and collectively to teach children well.

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