Friday, July 12, 2013

Teach Children Well: Journey of Self Reflection #9 (1C3)

This is the final element for Standard 1, 1C3: Sharing Conclusions with Students on the MA Teacher Evaluation Rubric.  To me this standard essentially outlines the need for teachers to have regular, individualized coaching meetings with students.  The teacher as coach is an effective educator role. The key to meeting this element is to set up a student coaching framework at the start of the year with a guiding coaching template, data/performance charts/portfolios, and start-of-the-year umbrella goals for the class.  The first student-teacher meeting of the year should include the child's initial assessments (shared as appropriate related to student's developmental level, social/emotional readiness), the class goals, and a discussion aimed at creating student goals for the year in general, and for the first period in the teaching year (six weeks, two months?).

Standard I: Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment. The teacher promotes the learning and growth of all students by providing high quality and coherent instruction, designing and administering authentic and meaningful student assessments, analyzing student performance and growth data, using this data to improve instruction, providing students with constructive feedback on an ongoing basis and continuously refining learning objectives.

Indicator I-C Analysis: Analyzes data from assessments, draws conclusions, and shares them appropriately

Element 1C2: Sharing Conclusions with Students

Criteria (from exemplary rating):
Models and Establishes early, constructive feedback loops with students and families that create a dialogue about performance that create a dialogue about performance, progress, and improvement.

Key Points
  • Establishes early constructive feedback looks with students and families. What is your family- and student- feedback loop with regard to student learning?
  • Create a dialogue about performance, progress, and improvement. How do you support family and/or student performance meetings with a focus on coaching?
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