Monday, March 25, 2013

Education Role: Reasonable and Healthy?

Education is a limitless profession.

Yet, as humans we're not limitless. Hence, it is important that we put controls in place so that we both do a good job and stay healthy too.

I believe I wrote a similar post about a year ago--two-thirds of the way into the school year.

How can you keep the job reasonable for you and your colleagues, do a good job, and stay healthy too?

First, advocate for the necessary supports to do the job well and to keep it reasonable and healthy.  That might include reasonable daily breaks, sufficient time to plan, respond to, and prepare student study, and lead time for important efforts so you're not rushing at the last minute.

Next, remember you can't do it all. Prioritize the most important aspects of your job, and do those tasks well.

After that, delegate when possible. Plan carefully so teaching assistants, specialists and others can share in the goals of meeting students' needs with care.

Finally, make sure that you create and sustain a healthy schedule. Though this is often challenging to do, in the end it will make you a healthier and happier educator.

Teaching can be unreasonable. Hence educators have to advocate for and adhere to a schedule and expectations that enable a job well done and a healthy, happy routine too.