Monday, March 25, 2013

Lead Time, Reflection and Analysis

Lead time, reflection and analysis are integral to an organization's success. Communication is similarly critical.

I'm wondering why those efforts are sometimes forgotten or not in place?  And as I think about the health of individuals and the health of organizations, it seems to me that thoughtful planning and share are ingredients that energize and support an organization's health.

What does lead time, reflection and analysis look like?

Lead time means that any effort that is not critical or spontaneous is thoughtfully planned out from beginning to end with a "loose-tight" schedule of events.  That scheduling allows participants to plan and be prepared for meetings, and also allows for revision and change by the group when necessary with lead time. Lead time for most events also leaves the necessary time and availability to react to events of a spontaneous, circumstantial situation.

Reflection is the necessary time to think, discuss, debate and imagine related to what's happened, currently going on, and future plans.  Reflection needs to be shared and discussed in an organization in order to be fruitful and productive.

Analysis is the formal process of assessing an endeavor, a process that looks at data with mathematical precision. Analysis like reflection is productive when shared, discussed, debated and further analyzed with regard to next steps and policy, practice, revision, and growth.

Communication includes regular systems of share--systems that mirror the members' needs and advantage. Both communication that is cumbersome and communication that is rare can hinder an organization's efforts. Most communication should be timely, predictable, and proactive while some communication will be reactive and spontaneous.

Members of an organization have a right to timely, transparant communication, lead time, reflection and analysis as those constructs help to create a structure where both individuals and the organization in general is positioned for success.