Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blogging Audience?

Writing is enhanced when you have an audience.  Hence the question, for whom do I blog?

As I write, I think of my varied potential audience including the following:
  • Educator colleagues near and far who research, plan, implement and reflect on teaching practice daily.
  • Education leaders who want to understand what it's like from the front line of teaching, from those who work with children daily.
  • Policy makers who desire to impact schools in positive, student-friendly ways.
  • Parents who want to understand the behind the scenes thoughts, planning and rationale for teaching decisions and efforts.
  • The general public so they understand what a teacher's job is really like rather than the skewed reports in the media that emphasize outlier, and often negative, stories and events.
  • Students who want to know an educator's perspective and rationale.
  • Preservice teachers and those who are thinking about becoming educators.
  • Professors and educational leadership who are creating programs for preservice teachers.
  • Business people, technicians and entrepreneurs who are creating tools to excite, develop and improve the learning landscape.
  • Myself as I reflect, develop and improve my craft for students' gain.
With my blog, I hope to tell one true story about education thought, inquiry and practice.  I hope to incite debate, affirmation, understanding and growth with regard to the field of education.  Too often, the public reacts to narrow sources of information rather than the broad spectrum of stories and voices that abound in a particular field of study or work, and with this blog I hope to broaden that spectrum by one degree.

For whom do you blog, and what is your rationale?  I'm curious.