Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring School

Spring is here.  The fresh air of spring reminds you that it will only be days until the first crocus sprout their colorful heads through the still snow covered earth.  The bright sunshine is another reminder that grassy, green days are ahead.  Students' new heights, tighter clothes and squirming are further reminders of spring.  The long, dark winter days are behind us now as we spring into the new leg of the school year.

I'm past that late winter sigh that every plan and wish was not met.  Instead it seems like the bright days and spring air have served to give every child a boost, a leap and a burst just like the budding trees and flowers--a rebirth.

Hence, it's time to seize the spring light and bright sky as we move onto new kinds of learning which take into account students' new skills, strengths and maturity--they're ready now to synthesize the skills of the year into wonderful projects with student choice and voice, deeper discussions and greater creativity.

As for me, the new ideas for next year have been voiced and I'm waiting for response; the books for summer reading have been ordered and professional development plans made, and the curriculum for the spring is set, planned and ready to go.

My classroom focus will return to the fall emphasis: student coaching.  In the last leg of the school year, I will really try to fine tune the schedule so that my focus and intent is on helping each child grow with confidence, voice and independence when it comes to successful learning.  The class has a strong, vibrant community and they're ready to spring ahead.