Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Ideas: Innovation Incubation

How do you grow new ideas in your school system?

Yesterday I had a great talk with an education-business consultant and professor who has his fingers on the pulse of the wonderful new changes in learning, organization and communication.  He talked of the need for innovation incubation--the essential free flowing ability for individuals to go for it with respect to new ideas and research--an "IDEO" like event.

Our talk reminded me of the ways a neighboring system readily supports pilots for new ideas and endeavor as their system leaps forward with innovation and change.

I have had to advocate a lot to try out new ideas.  I've had to climb many mountains and hurdle multiple obstacles.  This has been a troubling process, but I persist looking for optimal streams of innovation and change to forward education for my students and my work.

Yesterday's discussion gave me the energy to persist in this regard--to find ways to safeguard the best of the traditional ways to teach and also embrace new and enlightening methods of learning and teaching.

Today's educational landscape offers tremendous potential for optimal growth and change, and to hinder that progress is to block promise and possibility for children today.