Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Tech Tool For Every Child Now!

The day is here to provide every child with a tech tool.

Don't waste time.  If your school is not providing your child with good exposure and time with apt tech devices, then save the money and buy a good computer for  your home--I suggest a flexible laptop or iPad-like device, a device that your child can use to access the Internet, download books and literature, engage in age-appropriate social media, play positive learning games and learn.

And together with your children, learn.  Learn to use the tech tool well.  Connect with family members and friends.  Write stories and collect pictures.  Find games and learning resources to grow knowledge, skill and passion.

A tech tool does not equal screen time, today's tech tool is yesterday's pencil--you need it and it will bring your life forward in wonderful ways--integrated ways that use the tools as it's meant to be, a resource.

Don't wait for schools, buy a good tech tool for your family today and get Internet access.  Find the best deals--the deals are out there, and if you can't find them write to the most influential tech companies and ask them for a deal--a tool you can afford.  Do the same with Internet access too.

Then, if you want to support your local schools and tech, help those schools to get the tools they need, and then promote apt use and access.  Take down the bans, most walls and rules and allow teachers and students to use tech tools to grow their learning in age-friendly, open minded, forward thinking, inventive, artistic ways.

Tech tools are here to stay, and the key is to design learning and home endeavor that optimizes use of these tools to forward individual, family and learning community intent with engagement, depth and breadth.  Learning no longer belongs to schools alone (actually optimal learning never did just belong to schools).  Learning belongs to every aspect of our lives so be resourceful and access the best tools and activities that will optimize your life of learning. You won't look back.