Sunday, February 17, 2013

Plans: Intent and Balance!

We're past the half-way mark of the school year, and I'm thinking about where we are going.

First, we'll spend the next leg of the year focussing on "explain-it" skills in reading, writing and math as we problem solve, write essays, and read and respond to text.

Next, we'll engage in a wonderful period of exploration, research and writing as we learn about United States geography, habitats, endangered species and plate tectonics.  There will be a chance to broaden these topics to include students' interests, needs and passions utilizing multiple tools and learning endeavor.

Meanwhile, I'll start to prep for next year's class by listing optimal tools, engaging with Edmodo, learning more about SumDog Math and English (engaging learning games) and mapping out the year to come.

As for summer study, I'm in a quandary as there is so much I'd like to learn about yet I can't learn it all. Which area will win out with regard to my time and intent? I have some wonderful conversations, edcamps and reading to come so that might lead me to the decision I'm looking for.

Then of course, I do have a personal life and that requires time too. And, life has a way of presenting new paths too.