Saturday, December 01, 2012

Moments of Inspiration

When do moments of inspiration strike in your life?

How do you react when inspiration strikes? Do you embrace the synthesis of thought by writing it down, drawing, creating or conversing?

In my later years, I've grown to trust these inspiration surges more.  Rather than dismiss a novel thought or idea for a better system, event or endeavor, I deal with it right away because I know that these moments of strong synthesis and inspiration are fleeting, and the moment these incredible revelations strike is the most fertile time to capture the essence of the idea.

The way I react varies.  Sometimes I tweet to gain reaction, debate or question.  At other times, I blog to also gain response, and to have a copy that I can refer back to when it's time to implement or develop the idea.  If the thought provides me with confusion, worry or complexity, I might journal privately or converse with friends, colleagues or family members about the idea.

Moments of inspiration, "light bulb events," are valuable moments that lead us forward in our work and relationships.  What do you do when these moments strike?

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