Saturday, December 01, 2012

Energy Streams

"A little for today and a little for tomorrow, " my father always said.

Now I think of that advice as energy streams--the energy that flows through us leading to current practice and later work.

Each time I share focus and ideas with my students and others, I include a short explanation of the past, depiction of the present and thoughts for the future.

I like to keep the thoughts for the future alive in those I work and live with because I know that their minds percolate like mine, and I know that if more people are thinking about a particular topic and making connections to that topic by the time we're ready to truly develop the work, people will be more ready and have a greater wealth of ideas, debate and questions to bring to the table.

We're all actively learning and engaging all the time, and planting the seeds of future ideas and work early has the potential to develop those ideas with greater investment and intent. Do you agree?